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WE ARE a California based collective

of designers, builders, and creative thinkers connecting retail needs with customer desires. In other words, we create innovative and adaptable mobile shops outfitted for pop up retail, marketing, special events, and just about any other use you can dream up. Our current exploration: Cargo Bikes and Caravans.


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Take Your
Retail Mobile...

Crafted mobile shops strategically designed for enhanced flexibility. Mobile retail caters to consumer traffic where traditional stores cannot. Workshop CA’s mobile shops allow you to reinvent yourself by the hour, not by the year. Hit the coffee crowd in the morning and the movie crowd at night. Capture the ability to put your product where the people are.

Take the next step in increasing sales and visitor traffic. Maximize the relationship between consumer traffic and vendor success. Continually adapt to a changing retail environment and place your retail directly in the path of the consumer.

Workshop CA is a subsidiary of Sand Mountain, inc., a full-service design & fabrication firm whose been in the business of retail solutions for 25 years and counting. To get a look into our roots, follow the link below.

...Really Mobile

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