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WORKSHOP CA × World Bicyle Relief

a partnership for change

"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime."

       While stopped at a crossing on a remote road in Fiji, a woman opened my car door and, with a big smile and 4 children, said good morning then climbed into my small rental car. They needed a ride to the main road so they could catch a bus to school and to town. This daily trip from their village to the bus stop is a 2 hour walk. Owning a car was not a possibility for them but I realized that even the simplest of bicycles would be a huge improvement for impoverished families like the one in my car. The idea stuck, "give a man a fish he eats for a day, teach a man to fish he eats for a lifetime." Someday, I thought, I'd fill a shipping container full of bikes and ship them to these communities.

        Ten years later, a new division of our company emerges, Workshop CA: Re-purposing bicycles for use in the retail industry. As our team brainstormed ways to integrate social responsibility, a one-for-one bicycle giving concept was a natural fit. After substantial research into a sustainable model, it quickly became clear that do to this right, (have the greatest and long-lasting impact as soon as possible), required greater resources than we currently had available. So we started a conversation with World Bicycle Relief. With the infrastructure already in place, WBR delivers a durable bicycle at a cost effective price as well as a system of accountability so that the bikes are cared for, maintained and remain in circulation.

- Blake Sandberg

Co-Founder of Workshop CA


For every Cargo Bike you purchase, we'll donate a bicycle to a student in Zambia.
For every Caravan, we'll donate two.




     There are unlimited ways to lend a helping hand in today's world. We chose to give bikes to impoverished girls in Africa. Giving one bike has a huge, immediate, and lifelong impact. So why do 70% of our bikes go to girls? According to UNESCO, when girls receive an education their opportunities for employment are greater. They are also more likely to close the gender pay gap as well as less likely to become pregnant as teens. Their chances of mortality during childbirth are lower. With each bike, the impact on gender equality multiplies, allowing opportunities to flourish, and dreams to become realities.



The dropout rate for girls in Zambia is double that of boys 


Childhood pregnancy & marriage would drop 64% if all girls had secondary education


Girls between 5 & 14 years old spend 40% more time on domestic chores than boys of the same age




a bike for life

the buffalo bike

WBR is committed to using high-quality, well-designed parts. The Buffalo Bicycle's specially designed frame, carrier and stand provide the stability needed to support big loads and passengers over long distances in remote areas, and keep more Buffalo Bicycles on the road.

equip & empower


We believe empowering a girl student includes bicycle ownership, and that bicycles can be equalizers. At the Distribution Ceremony, students sign “study-to-own” contracts enforced by teachers and school administrators within our programs to keep the girls accountable. Often girl students in our programs tell us that the bicycles are the first property of value that they have owned and that having ownership results in respect from others.



Trained Mechanics at Work

The Long-Term

WBR operates a Field Mechanic Training Program to help keep the bicycles rolling, using a universal training manual that instructs with pictures and diagrams rather than words. Repairs, troubleshooting, building a Buffalo Bicycle from scratch, and customer service skills – our field mechanics training program covers it all. To date, over 1,000 field mechanics have been trained, offering riders access to local maintenance and sustain the program long-term.